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a scottish waterfall in a forest


Isle of Jura in the sunset looking over Loch Indaal, Islay


Tourists flock to Scotland in the summer months knowing that our weather is very varied but at least it may be warm in the summer. However, many Scottish people will claim that Autumn is their favourite season.

5 Best Reasons for Visiting Scotland in the Autumn

1. Autumnal Weather

Visiting Scotland in the Autumn months means you get to see the countryside in stunning autumnal colours wherever you go. Often, we are blessed with a period of dry, sunny weather at this time of year before the winter gales start. It won’t be freezing cold and it tends to be quite pleasant to be outside with a warm jumper or light jacket. However, it is Scotland so you do need to be prepared for all weathers!
A waterfall in the Scottish Highlands


2. Fewer Tourists

The summer school holidays have ended and the Scottish tourist season becomes a little quieter. This means you will get to enjoy our sites and scenery with far fewer people. If you are a keen photographer you will be able to take stunning photos in the Autumn light without the photo being crowded with tourists.




3. Sunrise & Sunset

The days start to get a little shorter so you don’t have to wait until midnight to see a stunning sunset or get up in the middle of the night to watch a sunrise.

4. Midges

The midges in Scotland don’t really harm you but they are extremely annoying and can spoil a trip to the countryside. If you wait until Autumn when the weather is a little colder, they will be gone. At this time of year, you can stand and enjoy a view or walk about a historic site in peace without being bitten by midges.



a red deer standing in Glencoe in front of Buchaille Etive Mor

5. Wildlife

For lovers of wildlife, you are more likely to see red deer in late Autumn and Winter as they come down from the hills to look for food. If you visit the coast, look out for seals lying on the rocks with their pups. There will also be many types of birds to look out for such as geese that migrate to Scotland from the Arctic for the winter. And if you are very lucky you may see red squirrels gathering nuts for the winter.


Tour Scotland with The Hairy Coo
If you take one of our coach tours of Scotland at this time of year, we know you will love it just as much as in the summer months, if not more. You will get to enjoy Scotland like a local. Or if there are specific places you would like to visit, then book one of our private tours. We could take you to all the best places for birdwatching or to the best views for sunsets.