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Kilchurn Castle

When visiting Scotland, you may just spend a couple of days in Edinburgh and then leave or decide that it is just a small country so you will just drive around for a week and visit all the sites. There are undoubtedly many good reasons for choosing one of those options, however, we want to highlight some great reasons for taking a coach tour of Scotland.

a sign on the side of a mountain road


In Scotland, we drive on the left unlike most of Europe that drive on the right-hand side of the road. Not only that, but our roads are mainly narrow and often winding especially in the countryside. Depending on how far you travel from the main cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, you may even find yourself driving on a single-track road. Travelling by a coach, driven by a local expert means that you don’t have the stress of driving and ensuring that you are on the correct side of the road. Also, if you rely on Sat Nav, on the more remote parts of Scotland you may end up completely lost as it is not always reliable.


a body of water



Scotland is a small country with stunning ever-changing scenery. Within an hour’s drive, you can view sea, rolling green fields and hills and then large mountain ranges. By taking a coach tour you can enjoy the views for your whole trip and not worry about watching the road ahead or getting someone to help with map reading while you drive.



a passenger bus that is parked on the side of a road



On a tour, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the views with your family and friends. You can even enjoy a little snooze now and again. While your travel, your tour guide will tell you about the places and sites you can see from the coach. With a Hairy Coo tour, you will be driven by an experienced and knowledgeable Scottish guide who will tell you tales about Scottish history and point out the local nature and places of interest.





Your coach driver will know where it is safe to park so that you can enjoy the best views of Scotland. At visitor attractions, you will often find the coach park is closer to the venue than the car park which means less walking for you or wasting time searching for somewhere to park.


Fuel is expensive in Scotland. If you combine the cost of hiring a car, paying for insurance, fuel and parking it may actually be cheaper taking a coach tour and this is without including all the other benefits of a tour.

a castle on top of a lush green forest with Stirling Castle in the background


Once you leave the central belt of Scotland you won’t be travelling by motorway so you don’t have the benefit of service station stops every few miles. You may find you have to travel a very long way before you find a village with a café, hotel or shops. On a tour, there will be regular comfort breaks at places with the best facilities.


What kind of tourist are you? Do you spend weeks before your trip planning a detailed itinerary or do you just start driving in the hope of finding some interesting places? By taking a tour, you can relax in the knowledge that a guided tour will have the best itinerary. They do all the hard work and preparation for you. The Hairy Coo is an award-winning tour company with a selection of tours that only includes the best that Scotland has to offer. If time is short, consider taking one of our day trips to Loch Ness and Glencoe or Stirling Castle and Loch Lomond.

If you don’t want to tour with strangers, like to take your time at visits to castles and historic sites or have specific places you wish to visit, then consider a private tour. They have all the benefits mentioned above with the added benefit that you can specify or amend the itinerary.